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I passionately believe that we all deserve success and fulfilment in what we do.

I also know the pressures of a leadership role. They can mean you miss out on allocating time to designing a fulfilling future for a very important person......yourself!

Business coach UK

I was a hardworking senior leader in a demanding role with a major bank. I had always enjoyed my work, and for over 25 years successfully climbed the corporate ladder.

With responsibility for over 1000 staff at various locations across the UK, I became a recognised expert in providing banking services over the phone. I had a house in a leafy London suburb and drove over 30,000 miles every year in my company car. The rewards were largely financial in the form of an expense account, health care, pension, share options, annual bonus.....etc

I seemed to have the lifestyle I had always aspired to.  But as I moved into my forties, a growing sense of doubt began to nag inside me.

Perhaps this was no longer so enjoyable? The idea of the next rung on the ladder seemed less worth the effort.  At first I tried to deny it.... but that just seemed to make the feelings grow stronger. A feeling that I didn’t know what I wanted to do next.  A feeling that I needed time to check in with myself in spite of all the other demands on my time.

Fortunately, my package at work included access to a coach. It took some courage but I called and arranged some regular sessions. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of my career. Having given myself some regular time and with a professional to prompt me, I started to rediscover my sense of self. I created a future that was compelling and fulfilling for me. At last, I knew what I really wanted and started to take action to make it happen.

After negotiating an amicable exit from my previous career, I now live in Cumbria, an area that has magic and fascination for me. My work as a coach enables me to contribute to the fulfilment and success of individuals and teams in organisations. I have followed a dream to qualify as a mountain leader and share my love of the outdoors with others. I am a volunteer assessor with the Cumbria Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition Panel. I still pay the bills and have fun with Ruth, my wife and best friend.

Your circumstances may be different. Your outcomes certainly will be. The key is to make some time to check in with yourself.

Chris draws on over 25 years leadership experience with FTSE 100 financial services companies and has been coaching since 1991. He holds the International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach qualification. Chris has achieved Certified NLP European Coach status. He is an accredited Myers Briggs practitioner. Chris is also an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Insurers.

What clients say...

“A gentle human being with a genuine gift for understanding and rapport. I have known Chris over a number of years now I am always richer for each meeting or conversation we have. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris in any sphere of his understanding. Yours will be certain to be expanded.”

Mark Joseph, Director The Learning Company

“I have found coaching to be a valuable intervention. Chris is undoubtedly a very caring person who takes genuine pleasure in helping people to progress their thinking, in whatever area of their life they are wanting to develop.”

Sarah Moss, Pharmaceuticals Consultant

business coach UK

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