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What others say about working with us

Plain speaking, no frilly waffle but kind. Clear comprehension of the politics of leadership and how difficult it is to work in that kind of environment. A wealth of experience in leadership at a high level.
Linda Heppolette, Lead Matron, Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospital

I cannot rate Chris highly enough, he has an amazing coaching ability. His understanding of how my role worked was unbelievable, he helped me to see where I needed to let go, where I needed to focus and how to move my team on to bigger and better results.

Through the sessions we worked on my wish for a new challenge and to perform at a higher level. Chris helped me to acknowledge how my goals and aspirations for the future could be achieved even though they were right outside of my comfort zone. The skills and concepts I learned will be invaluable for the rest of my career. I would never want to work with any other coach again, Chris is whom I would call.

Julie Hansen, Head of Sales, Shepherds Friendly Society

It has helped me think beyond my current situation both professionally and personally.
Sharon Binyon, Medical Director, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust
When you need to re-focus or a change in direction, especially away from a downward trend in personal or work life, when you need to reconnect with what is really important, an independent coach is the best aid you can have to get you back on track.
Mark Large, Director ICT, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
An incredibly useful experience which I believe has been influential in guiding me to a period of relative progress in my career. I’ve been positioned to make commitments and then deliver- something that is so often provided and infrequently delivered upon.
Neil Robertson, Dep Service Manager, Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Trust
How would I describe my coach?

Relentlessly positive

I place the highest value on this experience it has been life changing. An independent but dedicated support system for the individual that improves not only your business self but also your private self.

I started my own business (and would never have done this without my coach)
I accept and celebrate that some of my life can be easy
I am conscious of speaking in the positive
I accept compliments with good grace
I know I am good at what I do now!

Krysia Pantechis, Director, KPI Solutions Ltd

Insightful, affirming and not afraid to disagree or challenge.
Very likeable and encouraging, always finding something complimentary to say.
Obviously has a wealth of experience and knowledge and gives good pointers to other resources.
Direct and honest, very professional and finishes each session with a positive, identifiable plan to maintain the momentum of the sessions.
Linda Heppolette, Antenatal Screening Coordinator

“I came to coaching seeking to formulate a business plan.  Working with Chris, I designed a template for success – not only in my new enterprise but in every endeavour I undertake.”

“Chris’s coaching approach is incredibly thorough – not only does he work hard with you to uncover personal resources, he also gives you tools to diminish the unhelpful baggage that might hinder progress along your journey.”

Jan Skene, Consultant
“Well worthwhile.”

Geoffrey Spencer, Chief Executive, Shepherds Friendly Society

“It’s a privilege to be one of Chris's clients! Regardless of the topic we've discussed (and there have been a wide variety!), he's always created a space for me to be able to talk in, understand and feel safe to explore within, and somehow the answers have just appeared, more often than not! His insights are always well connected, sensitive, considered and timely, and whenever our coaching calls have ended I know that there's been a shift and that things will happen soon after.”

Karen Brooks, Strategic Development Director (Marketing & Media)

“Thank you so much for your support and inspiration. Your help was invaluable and I am so grateful to you. I know that I would gain so much benefit from your ongoing coaching, whichever direction I choose.”

Kay H, Senior Operational Risk Manager (Financial Services)

“I would just like to say how much I've enjoyed our sessions - I've found them to be truly enlightening and I've really benefited from them in a very positive way.

From the start, your approach was professional.  You have a very easy manner, you are open, honest and a great listener.  You are non-judgemental and acknowledged me, enabling me to focus and work hard on finding my own answers and making the most of our coaching time together.  As each week progressed, I felt I was able to take things deeper, largely due to your challenging questions, constructive feedback and succinct summaries of the points I'd identified, leaving me each week in a state of forward momentum.

It has been such a pleasure to work with you and I thank you for helping me work on these things.”

Gill Woods, Events Services Consultant

“With Chris's help I was able to overcome considerable challenges in my business and personal life by focusing on the positive personal outcomes of whatever I was trying to achieve. He assisted my thinking and helped me concentrate on key issues rather than being deflected by irrelevancies.”

Richard Sear, Chief Executive, National Deposit Friendly Society

“Chris demonstrates mastery in the ethical use of NLP in assisting people in the process of unblocking change and transforming their lives. As a Coach he has walked his talk. Highly recommended.”

John Cumming, Consultant Engineer (Pharmaceuticals)

“A gentle human being with a genuine gift for understanding and rapport. I have known Chris over a number of years now I am always richer for each meeting or conversation we have. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris in any sphere of his understanding. Yours will be certain to be expanded.”

Mark Joseph, Director The Learning Company

“I have found coaching to be a valuable intervention. Chris is undoubtedly a very caring person who takes genuine pleasure in helping people to progress their thinking, in whatever area of their life they are wanting to develop.”

Sarah Moss, Pharmaceuticals Consultant

“Thanks to you as well Chris for your time and expertise on Wednesday night – it is much appreciated and will have added so much value to our course as a whole.
We are so lucky to be in such a fantastic location here in the Lake District and to be able to build the outdoors into our courses with all that fresh air and beautiful scenery, is such a privilege – you did a great job, thanks.”

Rachel Garrett, Matrix Model Training

“I would like to say that I was very pleasantly surprised at how you facilitated so much personal progress for me in just over an hour long session.  I was really pleased to come out with three solid actions and a number of enlightening insights.  I found your style very supportive and you challenged where need be whether to point out a pattern in behaviour or speech or to help me refocus on what I did want rather than how I feared it could be.”

Kate Ensor, Learning and Development Advisor, Major Charity

Wish you could navigate your way through all the layers of distraction that are interfering with your ability to find your way to the heart of an issue?

“If you genuinely want to distinguish what's meaningful, have a conversation with Chris Billinge. He's an excellent coach, which means that he won't tell you what to see and think, he'll work with you so that you discover it for yourself. Every time I have a conversation with Chris, I come away with a nugget of clarity and common sense. “

Mary McNeil

“Professional and relaxed.”

Roger Oakes, Non Executive Director, Shepherds Friendly Society

Because of Chris I am more aware of who I am and what I stand for.

Chris has always been very focussed and supportive and never judgemental.

“Being new to coaching, I was not really sure of what to expect from our sessions. I soon found that I would have a rigorous 30 minute mental workout which left me feeling refreshed, re-invigorated and ready to face anything.”

Alix Holmes, Matron, N.H.S.

“Chris is committed to making a difference and has the ability to lead and motivate individuals and teams, working collaboratively to deliver exceptional results. He encourages others to stretch themselves and supports them through their development - it was a privilege to work with him.”

Janice Newton, Business Process Manager, Woolwich plc

“I started working with Chris in 1999 and within a short period of time realised his passion for ensuring that everyone understood the customers viewpoint. His consultative style inspires people to appreciate their roles and responsibilities and inspires them to go that extra mile. He actively seeks to build a culture of achievement and growth and will help others in achieving this too.”

Ian Watters, Woolwich plc

“Chris’ excellent coaching has enabled me to neatly bring together all the trends of my life and  produce a gameplan that is doable. I have a strategy which will give me freedom to pursue my fiction writing aspirations and have an enjoyable retirement.”

Elizabeth Gates, Writer Development and Creativity Coach.

“Chris is a thoughtful, caring coach with great intuition. His attention and focus allowed me to explore my experience and gain valuable insights. I found it a worthwhile and enjoyable coaching series.”

Judy Apps, trainer, coach and speaker

“I have been able to move into a very positive place. I have gained confidence and resilience focusing on the long-term goals, and the steps that I can take to get there.”

Gwen Ford, Head of Service Governance, NHS Trust

Chris is like “A lighthouse guiding a ship in the night sea. Positive, encouraging and supportive.”

GP, Milton Keynes NHS

Have just read the feedback – brilliant! I am really happy you are part of the team. I was before of course but this endorses it further.

Fiona Reed, Fiona Reed Associates

“I would describe Chris as energising, creative, supportive, focussed, encouraging, valuing, flexible and affirming. The coaching was of enormous value in making sense of a complex role and managing the stresses that go with that.”

Ian Young, Locality Manager,  NHS Trust

“Insightful, thoughtful, encouraging, the approach was excellent.
Setting goals and reviewing them periodically. Reflecting on progress – often when I hadn’t noticed what had been achieved.

Fantastic. A very useful experience that coincided with a period of massive professional and personal life change. It helped me to continue to move forward.”

Dr Darren Moore GP, Milton Keynes

Chris’s highly professional and yet relaxed approach, combined with his sense of humour and a strong dose of real-world realism combine to create an excellent coachin experience. I have no doubt that Chris contributed enormously to my own professional development. I can see that his breadth of experience and dedication can make a difference to a wide range of clients in many different situations. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris as a trainer, facilitator and coach of considerable ability,

Ian Hill, Consultant

“Chris has assisted me to build a sense of purpose about what I want to achieve and how.  The discussions and techniques he used will be very useful for me in both my work and home life.”

Chris Skilbeck, CRES Project Manager
Great Ormond Street Hospital

“I have got a renewed sense of direction.  I think it has also given me more tools to make sense of where I am and where I want to be.  This is in both in my day to day role and in my career.”

Chris Skilbeck, CRES Project Manager
Great Ormond Street Hospital

What clients say...

“I have found coaching to be a valuable intervention. Chris is undoubtedly a very caring person who takes genuine pleasure in helping people to progress their thinking, in whatever area of their life they are wanting to develop.”

Sarah Moss, Pharmaceuticals Consultant

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