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Are you a busy leader, director or manager looking to make a positive difference for yourself or your team?

If you are working hard each day can be easy to put off thinking about the future. When did you last take time to stop and plan for yourself, your people and your business?


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Who we are...

Designing Futures is a Cumbrian based coaching practice run by Chris Billinge. Chris is an experienced and qualified executive coach with a successful track record as a leader in business, government and as an outdoor instructor.

What clients say...

“I am a more effective leader and make a more positive contribution to the organisation, particularly those who work closely with me. I have the confidence to set out and achieve my goals. People are still noticing and remarking on the change in me.”
Annette Henderson, SPSP Manager, NHS Lothian

“I particularly enjoyed the way that I would start a session not knowing how it could turn into anything important, but it always did – without exception. I took something very important away from every single session.”
Julie Hansen, National Business Partnership Manager, Shepherds Friendly Society

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